Kallin International Ltd. is one of the leading trading company and manufacturer in China. We are manufacturer and exporter of essential oils and aromatic chemicals, which are produced by our factories located at places in China with rich natural resources and raw materials. These factories are managed by professionals, who ensure that the quality is under tight control.


We have been selling essential oils and aromatic chemicals to various multi-national fragrance and flavor companies around the world. We are able to maintain our policies of producing high quality products at reasonable prices and adhering to delivery schedules. We guarantee excellent service to existing and new customers.

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  • International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. (IFF, CHINA) has appointed Kallin International Ltd. to be exclusive distributor for flavors, fragrances, and ingredients in Hong Kong, China. IFF is a leading creator and manufacturer of flavors, fragrances, and ingredients. IFF is dedicated to excellence in every area of F&F business — using knowledge, creativity, innovation, and technology to provide our customers with superior consumer understanding and the highest quality products and service.


  • Van Aroma has appointed Kallin International Ltd. to be distributor for their essential oil in China. Van Aroma is one of the largest producers of Natural Essential oils that are Common to Indonesia. We at Van Aroma undertake Production, Collection & Standardization of various Natural Essential Oils that are Common to Indonesia. Van Aroma was established in 2006 in the city of Padang, located in the West Sumatra province of Indonesia. Areas around PADANG such as Bukittinggi, Pasaman, Nias, Mentawai islands, Bengkulu & Jambi are major production centers for Patchouli. Our Jakarta setup became operational in May’2009, adding further strength to the company’s capabilities in production and exports of Nutmeg, Clove, Citronella, Vetiver, Cananga and a host of other naturals from Indonesia.

  • Bush Boake Allen Ltd(BBA) Food Colors sole distributor in Hong Kong, China. BBA colors is well known brand for food colors around the world. Many different industries are using BBA colors such as processing foods, biscuits, drinks, and restaurant etc. The colors are high quality, stable, and safe.



      We are member of


  • The International Federation Of Essential Oils and Aroma Trades (IFEAT) embraces the interests of the global flavour and fragrance industries worldwide.

  • These sectors have vast turnovers, employ millions of people, and involve enterprises ranging from small family operations through to large multinationals, involved in essential oils production, aroma chemical manufacture, flavours and fragrance compounding, trading and consumer product manufacturing.


  • China Association of Fragrance Flavor and Cosmetic Industries (CAFFCI) was founded on August 21 1984. It is an industrial association at national level with an independent corporation status, approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People's Republic of China. At present, CAFFCI, a nonprofit social organization, is comprised of more than 700 members, most of them are enterprises and institutions involved in the production of raw materials & products, packaging, equipment design & production and R&D of fragrances flavors and cosmetics. The member's Representative Assembly is the top authority body of CAFFCI.



  • China Essential Oils, Aroma and Spices Trade Association is one of the 43 associations under China Chamber of Commerce of Import & Export of Foodstuffs, Native Produce and Animal By-Products (CFNA). As a national professional organization, CHINAEASA is engaged in coordination and communication of production, processing and trade of essential oils,? aroma chemicals and spices in China.



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